About Detoxify Samurai

Detoxify Samurai is a science-based health website publishing information on natural products and effective methods that assist in removing or avoiding toxins that impact the body’s life sustaining systems.  Since the mental can, and does, affect our physical existence the site also explores how we can clear our mind of the toxic attitudes and habits of our busy daily lives with important lessons of self discovery and healing, particularly from philosophy of the ancient Asian cultures.

The mission of Detoxify Samurai is to empower consumers with the most current and relevant information related to improving their lives by eliminating those things that prevent people from reaching their full potential.

The image of the Samurai today is associated with Japan’s military nobility and a fierce warrior who followed a strict code of ethics (bushido), however in the eighth century it meant “those who serve”, which was their lord or Daimyo.  Applying that same principle, Detoxify Samurai’s growing library of information and news can serve you as a health resource to enhance your life.  If it has achieved that then it has reached its objective.