Why Detox?

Youkoso (welcome)

You are now at the DetoxifySamurai.com blog.  This is a blog about health, your health, and how to improve or optimize it by understanding the sources of environmental toxins and implementing simple strategies to avoid or eliminate them.  The reward is increased energy levels, improved mental abilities, greater stamina, fewer ailments, enhanced sexual relations, and an improved chance for a longer life, which benefits yourself and the ones who love you.  Who doesn’t want that?


Most people do, but without the correct effort and dedication most become a mikka bōzu, an expression which means, a monk for just three days. Someone who demonstrates an intense burst of enthusiasm for something new but quickly loses interest and motivation.  Hopefully that is not you, since obtaining anything of value takes effort.  However, living a detox lifestyle will require less effort than you may imagine, and the benefits can change your life.  If you feel that a mikka bōzu does not describe you, at least not always, then you have an opportunity to  release your inner warrior spirit, your inner samurai, and make it work for you.  Of course, the next important question that needs to be answered is…

Why Should  you Eliminate Toxins?

Good question.  Why expend the effort and learn such things? For example, you may say to yourself, “I may be able to make some improvements, such as modify my diet, exercise more, find additional time to relax, and become more connected with nature”, but aren’t those just different ways of saying you need to detox your physical, mental, and spiritual self?  The rewards mentioned above are a few of the benefits of realized opportunities.    Detoxing is about releasing your potential, your health potential, and maximizing the gifts of your body and mind.


We all have untapped potential and the stress of our body’s constant battle to eliminate or overcome environmental toxins in our food, water, air, and everyday products we use, drains our life energy and overloads our body’s protective systems.  To combat this we need both Kiryoku (willpower) and a strategy to regain our health, and that is the purpose of this blog, to provide the information necessary to build your strategy and help you achieve your goal.  It is about improvement and reclaiming the health you were meant to enjoy.  To experience each new day with vigor and awaken and re-energize the innate physical abilities you were born with.

Feel better, look better, and practice riai (the unification of knowledge and action) on the path to optimal health.


Old New


Decide today to be a new, healthier, energetic, and happier version of yourself.  I have noticed that successful people who undertake large changes, first begin with small incremental changes to avoid being overwhelmed with their goal.  Once those small changes have taken root, they then use those as the foundation for additional changes that eventually leads them to their goal.  So, I encourage you to start small and evolve from there.  Small setbacks are easier to overcome.  There is a Japanese saying “nanakorobi yaoki” which means stumbling seven times but recovering eight.  The key is persistence when endeavoring to improving you health or reach any objective in life.  Which brings us back to not being a mikka bōzu.

The decision is  yours, which direction are you going to choose?